Exactly two years ago we did an online Q&A session on Reddit as part of the Science AMA (Ask Me Anything) Series. It was on the front page and by now has been upvoted 3.3K times with 200 comments.

Hi Reddit!
New molecular engineering technology allows scientists to edit the DNA of a cell with greater accuracy than previous methods. This technology, called CRISPR-Cas9, has potential applications in agriculture and health.
To further improve the accuracy of CRISPR, we have developed GT-Scan2, a software tool that helps researchers identify the optimal CRISPR target site by crunching through large amounts of data and using epigenomic information to predict CRISPR activity. We implemented GT-Scan2 using a new Amazon Web Service technology only released this year, Lambda, which allows us to break down large tasks into smaller sub-tasks that can be solved in parallel on the cloud. GT-Scan2 was featured on the prestigious Jeff Barr blog because it brings together novel scientific insights and unprecedented cloud-compute capacity thereby democratizing high quality CRISPR target site search to power new research applications in the future.
Tell us what you think about the benefits of genome engineering and making target site search accessible to more researchers.

Catch the Reddit post here.

As the first public sector organisation to offer a genomics health product on the AWS Marketplace, we could be running another Reddit AMA session, what do you think?

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