Let us deliver value to you by enabling you to:

  • Better understand health
  • Solve problems more efficiently
  • Innovate to stay ahead

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Understand health and where it is going

The health market is moving rapidly and many players enter the market with different levels of readiness and sophistication. CSIRO has built a reputation as objective advisor. Benefit from our data-driven and evidence-based quality assurance approaches and learn how emerging academic achievements influence and potentially disrupt the market.  

Our solutions for your problems  

Tackle big problems by using our cutting edge technologies:

  • VariantSpark - Machine learning on ultra high-dimensional data
  • GT-Scan - Genomic Target site design for effective genome engineering
  • TRIBES - Boost rare disease research by using cryptic ancestry
  • Serverless Beacon - Exchange genomic data while preserving data ownership

Innovate to stay ahead

Tell us the specific pain-points to your business or research and let us develop innovative solutions together.

  • BigData, 100,000+ samples and 1,000,000+ features
  • Machine Learning challenges
  • LifeScience and Health (genomics, proteomics, biosecurity, health)

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