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We are a cloud-native research and development team, delivering cutting-edge bioinformatics solutions for the health and biosecurity space.

About Us

The CSIRO Transformational Bioinformatics team are world leaders in cloud-native research. As part of the e-health research program (AEHRC), we are funded by the Australian Federal Government to deliver highly targeted and specialised health solutions.

Our transformational work is cutting-edge and our team have a long history in making big ideas a reality. We use the very latest in machine learning and cloud technology to drive innovation in the health system.

A/Professor Denis Bauer, Head Of Cloud Computing Bioinformatics leads a team of world leading specialists in Bioinformatics and is a Key Opinion Leader in genomics, bioinformatics and AI.

Our Partners

The CSIRO Transformational Bioinformatics team work with a breadth of companies. We don’t just partner with companies in ‘growth phase’, we are here to help companies find a footing in the Health/Bioinformatics arena.

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Collaboration Partners

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