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This server is the informal webpresence of the transformational bioinformatics team; official page.

Our charter is to develop novel bioinformatics solutions for research and industry using the latest in cloud and BigData infrastructure. We specifically focus on population-scale 'omics (genomics, transcriptomics, methylomics) analysis as well as genome engineering applications as the two high impact life science areas.

Our two main software platforms are

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Transformational bioinformatics team. Missing: Natalie Twine, Kaitao Lai; Additional: Summer Student in 2015

Current members of the team


Jun 1 2017 The team won two iAwards for "BigData/Machine learning innovation of the year" and "Industrial & Primary Industries Award" at the 2017 NSW state finals.

Mar 1 2017 Partnering with ANU Bioinformatics Consultancy (ABC) Unit

Dec 8 2016 GT-Scan2 was covered by GenomeWeb, one of the largest online news outlets for genomics and lifescience developments "Australian Team Puts CRISPR Design on Amazon Cloud".

Nov 10 2016 AWS coverd GT-Scan2 on their prestigious Jeff Barr Blog "Genome Engineering Applications: Early Adopters of the Cloud"

April 8 2016 New software added: GT-Scan, finding optimal targets for genome editing or regulatory interference using CRISPR/Cas or zinc-finger nuclease systems.

April 8 2016 New softare added: VariantSpark, a framework for applying Spark-based Machine Learning methods to whole-genome variant information.

April 8 2016 New software added: NGSANE, Analysis Framework for Biological Data from High Throughput Experiments.

May 26 2015 Blue software page updated with version 1.1.3.

June 13 2014 Blue software page updated with latest version and publication details.

March 20 2014 Blue software page updated with version 1.1.0.

August 12 2013 Updates to the sparse.inv.cov software page.

Apr 8 2013 A new web page for Blue: a fast, accurate short-read error-correction tool based on k-mer consensus and context.

Feb 1 2012 CSIRO Bioinformatics Core is trialling ISA tools for the curation of experimental metadata. See the applications page for more details.


Please see the legal notice and disclaimer. If you need access or have an idea for a useful application, contact Denis Bauer.